• Husband #2 looked like a frog. Ah, youth...!
  • Yeah... I'm a sucker for extremely talented artists (actor,singer, painter, etc...) regardless of how they look
  • Yes, years ago. She was very ugly, but there was good chemistry and we could talk for hours over the phone. But, once I saw her face at was too much....I had to reject her.
  • yes i have. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and is only skin deep.
  • No I am afraid not, my husband was very attractive and a wonderful personality to go with his looks.
  • Oh yes.
  • i have always been attracted to heavy set men but not morbidly obese... i find the personalities of my first two boyfriends to be disgusting last night when coming home from a mall, I saw my first boyfriend's work truck parked in the lot at 10:30, this is after all the stores had closed. i doubt he took the wife out to the movies in his work vehicle, he was probably at a restaurant at a bar drinking like a fish
  • How do you define "Physcially Unattractive"? My tastes are pretty varied and undefined, so if I'm romantically attracted to someone, I can generally learn to find them pysically attractive simply because I know that the face and the body I'm looking at is *Them*. So no, I wouldn't say that I have. Perhaps not "Conventionally Attractive", but not exactly repulsive either, and it doesn't really matter to me in any case.
  • Well, I am of the belief that beautiful people come in all shapes and sizes, so it depends on from who's perspective you ask... I find myself physically attracted to people who move me. For instance, I love Tom Waits writing and although I've never met him in person yet, I think about meeting him and I just know that I would be really nervous and a little coo coo for cocoa puffs... My friends think that he is gross and that I have lost my mind. Bottom line, I'm not ashamed of being more attracted to passion than prettiness.
  • i have been,a few times,but it was amazing how beautiful that they suddenly seemed to become as soon as i fell in love with them.
  • Sure, but it didn't matter. My first boyfriend was about 200 pounds overweight and I barely hit 100. Like I cared! His heart was gold.
  • Yes - here's the deal. When someone is intellectually interesting, amusing, is really hard to not be attracted to that. Really, really hard. Good looking people are much easier to find that intelligent, sweet, funny people.
  • To me if I am romantically attracted to someone I cannot see any flaws in them so I often don't notice. All my friends however have told me my standards are too low but why should apperance matter so much?
  • I don't know if this is physically unattractive standard. Since its true that taste varies. But I'm really attracted right now to a guy who is really short and feminine in some ways. But I love his personality. He's very witty and makes me laugh. He takes charge, is super relaxed, and is very zesty. It baffles me because physically he isn't my type at all.
  • Probably but i cant remember... I was probably on something heavy at the time.
  • about 95% of the guys i've dated have not been physically attractive but they are funny and sweet and I loved that. actually I've only been with two guys that I thought were good looking.
  • Iv never really been attracted to someone that is very attractive..but they have to have something about them that makes them appear attractive...confidence is a must i would say =D.
  • Frankenstein had a lover too... Elizabeth if I am not wrong... yes, looks don't matter..... a good heart is hard to find.....
  • Yes. What is funny, is that I found them attractive despite what others thought. If the inner beauty is enough, it makes the outside beautiful as well to me.
  • I know, right? That happens to me ALL the time. I fall in love with someone and I think they're the most wonderful guy EVER created. my friends are always like "you like HIM????" but I think they're beautiful because I'm in the first flush of a crush (haha that rhymes) okay... but I look back after the fact and I'm ALSO like, "I liked HIM??????" haha all the time, baby. :D
  • i definately would say yes after all it's what's on the inside that counts and that's where the romance comes from

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