• I've read that some people who study different occultic religions and UFO books. Have seen some pictures of aliens that look exactly like demons. Based on what I have studied and prayed about etc.Both aliens and demons have been here at earth longer than mankind and both are from out there i.e. not born of the water like men and women are on this planet.
  • Im an atheist so I doubt all religions... If aliens were real where is the proof... Those beings ought to know to go to the common people not governments & rich...
  • exactly, tho not much in the bible proves it's validity anyway
  • If little green men did appear on the earth, the bible would indeed be invalidated, but they'd find a "lost book" explaining how god also created things in other images.
  • I have never mentioned a lot of things in the universe that does not mean they do not exist. It simply means they have not come into relevance in my life. It's the same with the Bible. Other worlds are not relevant to us at this point or when the Bible was written.
  • so aliens dont exist, therefore the bible must be true. i like that kind of thinking.
  • The bible was written by the hands of man and mankind even form way back when thought of it self to be the one and only so that is why there is no mention of people from other worlds. But now where smarter wiser so some people think there are . I think there are god can not be that messed up to place life on one freaking planted..
  • doesnt say anything about other universes. Why should it, we cant even figure out our own. The bible mentions nothing about life on other doesnt say there is and it doesnt say there isnt. I personally dont believe in, only demons who want to confuse and scare the people...same with ghost...BUT....even if there was aliens the bible wouldnt be "incorrect" I even think there is a mention of "something somewhere"...just not sure where or off hand, just know its there.
  • Well, the bible is pretty much rules from this world don't you think? And even if it is the standard for other worlds, which I doubt, that really doesn't have anything to do with us either way. I think aliens are pretty irrelevant to the bible.
  • who knows NOBODY! ever ever ever will know we die its over live your life
  • Realy? this is what makes you doubt the bible? not people rising from the dead? not someone being swallowed by a whale and living? or not even people thrown into an oven and not being burned? oh and my favorite! god turning loyal followers into pillars of salt!

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