• From the recent (Feb 3, 2004) NOVA on PBS about dogs, I remember this subject being mentioned. I seem to remember the reason for the prolonged copulation after insemination is to cause a delay in the availabilty of the female to other males, improving the copulating male's sperm's chance of successful fertilization. Once the ova have been successfully fertilized, any additional insemination will be superfluous. This prolonged copulation after insemination is caused by the physiological structure of the dog's penis, and corresponding "locking muscles" in the female's vagina. Slangily called a "dog knot", the male structure is a bulbous globe of erectile tissue near the end of the dog's penis, and it engorges and, along with the female's locking muscles, precludes (or makes difficult) the withdrawal of the penis immediately after ejaculation. These structures are not present in humans. However, the female orgasm is credited with performing a similar function in humans since it adds a selective advantage to the male's sperm brought about by the physiological effects of the orgasm.
  • That is called a tie. This keeps another male from breeding with the female, which is helpful in the breeding of full breed dogs.
  • by the end of intercourse, male dog enters its testicles inside the can only be takaen out when its getting small.
  • Most dogs will not get pregnant if the do not "tie the knot". If your dog ties a knot you should hold the female because she could the male. What happens is the penis swells making it too large to come out right away. Never pull a male dogs penis out of a female dog. You will end up hurting both dogs. Of course, they don't have to tie a knot to make the female pregnant. My Grandmother's dog had a stud service during which he humped the female several times but never actually "tied a knot". The female carried a litter of three puppies. So apparently it isn't necessary but a lot of times the female won't become pregnant without it. Also, if you do not hold the female and they pull apart both dogs could be injured. The female could recieve injuries to her inside and the male to his penis.
  • Because the bitch's vaginal ring shrinks?
  • Two big reasons. One, a dog has a bone in his penis. People do not. And dogs tie together with large ball like knots. Again, people don't have those. They don't need them to get pregnant. And people aren't 'in heat' when they copulate. Dogs have a tight schedule to keep being in heat for a short time. People can breed at nearly any time and desire it all the time so there is no need for an attachment, if you will.
  • Hello; If you think about it --- it keeps the animals together until the male ejaculates. It has nothing to do with keeping other male dogs from breeding with the female. I think the males teeth has a lot to do with keeping other male dogs from breeding with the female :-) Now you know! OFM
  • Penis is too big
  • Agreed...the testes or testicle remain in the scrotum the two bulbous knots at the end of the penis is what enters the vagina and causes the tie. As indicated in an earlier response the tie is also in part do to the contracting of the muscles in the vagina in response to the actual mating or copulation if you will. Actually the question is not phrase properly as it is not "After intercourse" but During intercourse that the penis is locked into the vagina. If you ever get a chance to see two dogs breed, once the male dismounts and both seem to be attached by their anuses...look closely and you will see the testicles positioned on top. It's almos like someone coming from behind and pulling the penis backwards into the vagina. Looks painful but nature made it that way so hey maybe that's why some of us men try using that same technique...not that it makes a difference in getting the job done. It just adds a bit of flava in the bedroom :)
  • All canines do this. As the owner of 2 stud dogs I've seen this happen many times. The dog's penis swells and 'knots' during which time he is releasing semen into the bitch; it improves the chance of pregnancy substantially. Dogs penises are actually bones, whereas humans are not. Each animal breeds in different ways i.e. stags breed with a single thrust into the doe. It's all over in a couple of seconds, whereas with canines it takes anywhere between 2 and 30 minutes, although I'm sure some breeders have stories to tell. I've heard of a tie happening for up to an hour! The answer is quite simply we are a different species with different sexual behaviours, and each form of copulation is beneficial to our own species.
  • OMG all these answers are WRONG. there is a bulge at the base of the penis callet the KNOT, not the TIE. :l. it swells inside the vagina, because during this time, the male's semen it being injected at a faster rate- the knot also prevents semen from spilling out, whilst he finishes. C'mon im -- and even I know that people!!
  • I have had to laugh at some of the answers given here but a couple of them were correct. In beatiality, some women like to be "knotted" and in effect do get stuck to an extent especially with the very large breeds of dogs. To pull off at that time from what I have read can possibly cause some slight injury. Never try to seperate two dogs when they are knotted as it can really injure the bitch as well as the male.
  • I tried to locate a drawing to show how it works with dogs, but couldn't find one... Because of the way dogs mate it is almost impossible for the bitch not to be impregnated. When the dog mounts the bitch the penis is not erect. The reason that penetration is possible is due to a tiny bone in the penis. This bone is known as the baculum. It is the baculum that keeps the penis rigid. At the base of the penis is tissue. Blood enters the tissue and it becomes swollen. Essentially the penis becomes trapped inside the female dog. This is when the tie happens. The two dogs remain tied until ejaculation has ceased and the swollen tissue shrinks back to its normal state. If you have never witnessed two dogs mating you can rest assured that this is quite normal. In fact, if the tie did not occur you should be concerned. The tie is simply nature's way of ensuring the sperm enters and stays in the vagina. Nature doesn't leave anything to chance and gives the female the best chance to become impregnated. There is another reason for the tie taking place. A bitch in season will very often attract more than one male. It is not uncommon for a bitch to have a number of dogs around her. The tie makes sure the process of mating is not stopped by other males trying to mate with a bitch in season. It's very important the dogs are left to separate without intervention. If they panic and try to rip apart they probably will be hurt. There is more chance of a dog becoming distressed during the tie period if it is a first mating experience. The best you can do is to sit with the dog speaking in a calm low voice so that the animal remains passive and calms down as quickly as possible. There is one thing you must never do - attempt to separate two dogs mating. It will appear as if they are stuck together. Commonly what happens after mating is the male will twist around so that the two animals are facing in opposite directions. They will be tied together. They may be whining as if they are in distress. Don't be alarmed the animals are going through the mating process in the natural way. If you try to separate them it may cause them injury. Be patient and keep the dogs calm. They will separate after about twenty to thirty minutes. Tying This is why male canids are the only animals that have a bulb or locking bulbus glandis, a spherical area of erectile tissue at the base of the penis, which traps the penis inside the female's vagina during copulation as it becomes engorged with blood. [1] This is known as tying or alternatively knotting. Once the penis is locked into the vagina by the bulbus glandis (when the stud is "tied"), the male will usually lift a leg and swing it over the female's back while turning around. The two stand with their hind ends touching and the penis locked inside the vagina while ejaculation occurs, decreasing leakage of semen from the vagina. After some time, typically 5 – 20 minutes (but sometimes longer), the bulbus glandis disengorges, allowing the mates to separate. Virgin dogs can become quite distressed at finding themselves unable to separate during their first copulation, and may try to pull away or run. Dog breeders often suggest it is appropriate for those involved to help calm and settle the mating dogs once this stage is reached, if they show anxiety, through until eventual separation. Note that similar canine mounting behavior (sometimes with pelvic thrusting) is also used by dominant canines of both sexes. Dominance mounting, with or without thrusting, should not be confused with copulatory mounting, in which the thrusting is short term until a "tie" is achieved. In dominance mounting, the dominant dog is merely trying to get its head above the subordinate dog. If a male dog does this, one may notice that the genitals are aimed over the subordinates tail rather than under it. Unsheathing of the male genitals are a sign that the dominant dog has "won the fight" of dominance.

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