• You would be surprised. I went to a garage sale one weekend, and a man was saleing a brand new toaster because it wouldn't burn his bread to the darkness he disired. Crazy isn't it?
  • Well, we need something to lauhg at in this world, right? Toaster stupidity seems to be one of those things. Maybe you shouldn't put your toaster on the "burn the heck out of" setting!
  • because bagels are barely warmed by the setting that makes a perfect slice of white toast
  • Some people actually like burned toast!!
  • Because people want to have freedom to do whatever they want including burning a toast.
  • Oh but there is Rickster.....My mother loves her toast burnt.
  • You know, in the day, before dad would bend a wire hanger, place it on out wood burning stove with bread to toast it. We'd four kids would sit patiently while dad would in his vast experience of such things would know exactly when to turn that bread to toast it nicely on the other side. Now if he burned it for some rare and unknown reason - my dad would just scrape that dang burned toast and tell us to eat it anyways. We did because we remembered all the hungry children in China!
  • Maybe non humans would eat it. Aliens perhaps. Or the goat.
  • I believe that setting is for when you NEED burned toast,either that or as the toaster ages,you can adjust the setting for the desired browning without adjusting the base setting.IDK for sure
  • Because a setting that burns ordinary bread will not touch, say, a thick, moist malt loaf, or many similar things - or a pitta bread full of cold meats. People tost more than just plain sliced bread, and the toaster manufacturers want to cater for all of them.
  • This human sometimes enjoys burnt toast.
  • Because my mum would eat it!! :0)
  • Because toasters were invented by someone interested in processing carbon. In other words, how the hell would I know?
  • Because some people use that setting to warm up instead of cook
  • 7-2-2017 You are exposing the deficiency of your experience. During the depression people would burn their toast and scrape the black part into a cup of hot water to get a hot black drink. Because they couldn't afford actual coffee. Aside: My mother once mentioned how fond she was of Postum during the depression. I found out it was back on the market, so I bought a bottle for her. She was delighted, until I mentioned what it cost: twelve bux for the bottle and eight bux for postage. She was appalled. She wouldn't drink it again. Too expensive!
  • frozen toaster waffles

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