• I'd think so. Living with my mother, ours are like that, and my best friend, when she lived here all three of us at the same time.....I kind of felt bad for my step-dad being the only man in the house......I said kind of.
  • I'd assume so.
  • I have read/heard that when women live together (or are close) their menstrual cycles will synchronize. But, how true that is... ???
  • my mother, my 3 sisters and myself all have a period at the same time give or take 2 days at the start and finish. Luckily only 1 (my sister) has the 'bad mood' thing going on, so we just ignore/stay out of her way for a few days.
  • Perhaps. I can only think of the possible benefits of this - perhaps furthering the possibilities of a healthy relationship beyond that possible with a woman and a man.
  • Sometimes. sometimes not. Women who are related often have sychronized cycles. One study I know of showed female couples living together did have cycles in synch. Two other showed no relation in their menstrual cycles. So it may occur sometimes, and not at others. It seems that female relatives living together have synchronized cycles more often than non-related women.
  • My girlfriend and I usually get it around the same time ( give or take a few days)
  • Yes!Even if they didn't know that each other where on their cycle, their bodies send off hormonal signals. If they are not on at the same time, one will definitly start after the other, give or take a day or two.
  • Yes. This happens to most women that live together, they don't necessarily have to be sexually involved.
  • Not always, other health issues may influence a person's cycle. But yes, usually any two or more women living together will experience this phenominon.
  • I would think so. My mother and my aunt once lived in the same household when I was growing up. They always had their periods at the same time. When my sister started, it was always at the same time also. Even a neighbor who was over frequently started to have hers at the same time.
  • Typically when ANY women live together, or are near each other often they regulate their cycles to be around the same time. Regardless of sexual preference.
  • I don't see why they wouldn't. They are no different than any other two femals living together.
  • yes! actually my g/f and i as well as our 2 daughters are all in sync about the same time each month give or take a day or two. its odd!
  • all the girls in the office i work in start in the same week, and it's really funny because they guys up there know to just back off and let us mope around.
  • sometimes it normaly happens when people get close but its not bad f it doesnt
  • it can often habit with any women who live together (not necessarily lesbians)...sisters, mothers and daughters, room-mates. growing up, my cycle was pretty close to my mother's. now, due to health issues, mine and my partner's really aren't. I had a partial hysterectomy (but still have an ovary, so, I'm still hormonal) and my partner, due to her really heavy, painful periods takes birth control to regulate them. My partner only occasionally has a period.
  • Yes. I used to be a certified nurses assistant and we studies this. it happens when any females are together for several hours a day. what happens it that you can actually smell each other. You may not know that you are smelling each other but you are. It doesnt have to be someone you live with either. it can be someone that you work with or go to school with....etc.
  • im living with my girlfriend and our periods are in sync some months it depend on hoe regular you both are!
  • i have no idea about that
  • I grew up with 5 sisters, four of them older than me. They commented more than once about their cycles synchronizing.
  • I would sure hope so. Otherwise, STAY AWAY FROM THE SHRIEKING HOUSE ON THE CORNER!

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