• Most of the time it is easy to tell if someone hates you, but the fine line is does he like me as a friend, or does he want it to go further. Now, many guys are as mixed up as girls as to who likes them and who doesn't, and no one wants to take the first step, but someone is going to have to. If you like him, and are not certain if he wants to be in a relationship with you, then just ask him if he would be interested in going to the movies (or some other non threatening place) with you. If he is interested, he'll say yes. If not, you have your answer.
  • He'll smile politely and look the other way, and not look back.
  • I think that if you really want to know the reason then you should just ask him yourself. And if you guyz are good friends then your probably freakin out about how you dont want to loose your friendship with him, but that shouldnt matter. If he's a true friend and he doesnt like you then things will go back to normal, but you will never know if he does or not if you dont ask him. Life is about taking risks and taking chances, sometimes it works out and other times it just doesnt.
  • i have a problem also!! i always get mixed emotions from guys!! there is is one guy im talking to but as far as we both know were just friends. sometimes he is really flirty and when we smile when we see each other is more then just a quick one we hold it for alittle bit. its so annoying because some days we talk a lot but others not much! im in high school and were in the same sport and some times he is flirty with me and there at random times!!! i dont really think that he likes me but its just annoying and i needed a vent. lol but idk. sometime ill think that i dont like him but then he will do the smallestthings and i'll start liking him again! UGHHHHHH. it is so annnoying. he has a really nice body and is cute and sweet! but he is such a flirt! GAHH!
  • i think if a guy really doesnt like you he will start acting rude or just shoving some of the things you say off. Also like he will not act at all intersted in what you are saying ugggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guys always stop liking me and give me mixed emotions and i think that once they get the vibe that i like them and they dont like me they get grossed out so yea. im not ugly or anything i just dont know. i guess im wierd. :D PIECE! YO
  • When they don't notice you as much anymore, when they start acting weird and putting friends before you, Basically when they start ignoring you, and when they change from the person they used to be when you met.. Then they are no longer interested. and they are pigs if they get to this point. No guts to just say "hey i dont want to be with you." Instead they give you the run around. THATS how you know.
  • As in he for real doesn't like you? Or he really DISlikes you? For the former, ask him. If he just hasn't made an opinion yet he'll feel awkward saying anything but he likes you just fine. For the latter, grab his butt. Only if he really dislikes you will he care.
  • You have to put on a sweater when he's in the same room with you.
  • If U dislike him, U won't see at him! If he dislike U, he won't stare at your body!
  • He will avoid you.

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