• I'm told that a finer grind will produce a stronger brew. Don't know if it's true or not.
  • The size of the individual grains; fine grain is smaller than coarse grain. You use fine grain for automatic drip type coffee makers and coarse grain for the fancy pressed type coffee makers; which I am told is the very best way to make coffee.
  • fine ground coffee has much smaller peices than coarse. if you are making the most common type of coffee, drip coffee, too coarse of a ground will taste more bitter. if it's too fine, you may end up making it stronger than you would like, but that is pretty much your only danger there. another way to get extra strong drip coffee is to use 2 (paper) filters instead of just one. for french press coffee, you'll generally need more coarsely ground beans, unless you like the grounds actually in your coffee! for espresso, it's all about a fine grind!

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