• Reciting poetry in a mansion filled with naked women and girls who are all desperately in love with me.
  • Escape from my current situation. I create characters and situations and conflicts; occasionally I write them down, but I don't have the discipline to stick with it - usually once I've got a situation of the story right in my mind, I move onto the next situation or 'scene' in the story, and my mind moves a lot faster than my fingers on a keyboard.
  • Being able to do things no human being can do, like read minds, fly, bend metals with my hand, run like a speeding bullet....things like that.
  • Mystical,you can lose your self in another world.Its great and so much better than reality!
  • It could mean something as simple as a creative idea I get about anything. Or to what I read (a story with supernatural elements that get me to suspend my 'reality brain'. It takes me to somewhre fascinating, different but similar to what I know. Fantsy usually means exploration to somewhere new with companions.
  • living a life with no fears, always being loved never being rejected Having comfort

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