• Geez mate, you could safely say that EVERY religion has had every OTHER religion call it satanic (or whatever name for evil they have) at some stage, past and present!
  • I agree with Friartuck but I did have a couple that came to mind, Voo Doo, Vodou, Vodoun, Vudu, or Vudun in Benin, Togo, southeastern Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Senegal; also Vodou in Haiti and Santeria from Cuba are often associated with satanism but are really a form of a very old religion from Africa.
  • [Insert the name of any indigenous religion here], Hinduism, Buddhism, Santeria, Voodoun, Druidry, Wicca, Astrau, etc. I've heard Prostestants say that Catholicism is Satanic, and I've heard Catholics say that Protestants are Satanic. I've heard many say that Judaism is. I've heard plenty say that Islam is. We are all fodder for one group or another.
  • all religions are bad. they all emit evil vibes
  • all religions are bad. they all emit evil vibes
  • 3-1-2017 All denominations of Christianity call each other satanic.

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