• I think you should tell them. Since you already todl them that you didn't get in in time that emans that they probably dont kow if you got it at all.
  • If you want to risk them giving you a negative feedback because you are cheating them and they find out, say nothing. Personally it would not be worth it to me. If you want the item keep it and tell them it DID arrive. If you don't want it, send it back and keep the refund. On eBay being dishonest as a Seller or a Buyer will only hurt you eventually.
  • If it still hasn't arrived then it's probably returned or lost in the post. It comes down to how honest you want to be in returning the item (usually at your own cost) when it does.
  • If they're giving you your money back, no, you shouldn't keep it. That's called stealing.

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