• I used to do a lot of gardening, but, as a pastor's wife, I haven't had a lot say in gardens over the years (living in church houses). But now I am back in my own, I am making a Balinese garden out the back. If it works out, I will invite people to come and see it, and make a donation to the orphanages I support. I already have the pond in, and the path mapped out. I have laid 6 pavers and put up the entrance gates. Later I will make some mound gardens with mixed flower and fruit trees. There will be a specific veggie section at one end. And the piece-de-resitance will be Mt Agung, a greened mountain with a red coleus in the top to represent the volcanic activity.
  • I love gardening. I love the fresh air, the flowers, the veggies, the animals you see outside. I love working with my hands and making things grow. I like to arrange the plants so they look natural and happy. Right now we're still building our house so I don't have much time to garden, but I'm looking forward to adding what I can to an already lovely spot in nature. I know I cant' compete with nature but hopefully it will allow me to add my touch to it.
  • Yes and no! I don't always really know what I'm doing in the garden,what are weeds etc!!I've been in my current house about a year and have a small plot to plant in outside.I've been told the soil isn't very deep so I'm not sure whether to bother planting seeds! I think gardening can be quite therepeutic though.
  • No. Thus, I do not have a garden.
  • I am not really keen on it, but since it is productive work, I feel good when I have done it, so it is not all that bad.
  • I don't really enjoy gardening but I do enjoy preparing the vegetables. I like to cook, can, freeze and eat the garden produce. My husband is Mr. "Green Jeans", he loves, loves, loves to garden. People driving by our house stop to see our garden because it is so beautiful.
  • A small one yes
  • I used to garden early in the morning and I spend atleast 30 minutes in gardening and in evening 15 minutes for watering all the plants I have it at my home
  • Yes, but I only have a veranda garden since we live in a condo. Green Acres is the place to be, Farm living is the life for me!
  • Yes, it can be rewarding when it's time to harvest what you've been tending for months. I enjoy sharing them with good friends and neighbors... :)
  • I hate gardening, but I would hate to have a scruffy looking garden even more, so I do it.
  • I do at my grandmas but as I live in an apartment I dont have a garden
  • Very much so! It keeps me sane!
  • Definitely not. I pay someone to cut my grass and take care of the lawn. I just don't care for it and would rather pay someone than suffer through the chore.
  • I love it!
  • I love it. I like when people drive by my house and see the color and the attention to detail.
  • Yes I love it - I only have a tiny garden but in the summer its very colourful and sweet smelling.
  • I love growing things. I find it very satisfying, whether I am growing veggies or flowers I get such a kick out seeing the results.

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