• My little sister is a marine, and though much cockier than before bootcamp and deployment, she is not psycotic.
  • Marines have the toughest training of all the armed forces, and they come out of it convinced that they are the best - which is a logical conclusion, given the premise. (There are other premises and other conclusions possible - "best" covers a lot of different continua.) They're very cohesive, and they are proud. They get sent into some of the most dangerous situations, and they go and do the job. They do the "once a marine, always a marine" thing, and there are some pretty automatic responses drilled into them. Maybe all of this irritates some outsiders. But -- They're no more psycho than any other group, and when it comes to military groups, all the different branches have churned up the occasional psycho. In ANY group, the psycho is the aberration. Most are normal.
  • More gung-ho people might tend to join the Marines, and act cockier. But it's a handy stereotype to have around, to impress the other side, when the Marines are deployed somewhere dangerous.
  • As a former Marine I can assert from experience that 99% of them are not "psychotic." However those who have chemical imbalances can (and do) easily succumb to the pressure. The sole quality of the Marine Corps that renders them such a controversial entity is good public relations- they know how to build a reputation for themselves and indoctrinate their people into believing they're heads and shoulders above the others. Personally I've found they're just really excited to be there and try a little harder. Also, contrary to what the media and those commercials show you, about 80% of us never see combat. The other 20% deserve all the kudos in the world because they're the ones whose coattails are ridden on by those who come back home and tell wild war stories. So beware of storytellers. Those 20% who've seen combat are the badasses- all the others are there for support. It's just basic logistics.
  • Actually, I don't think I've ever heard of that stereotype. If I have, I obviously didn't pay enough attention to remember. That's a pretty stupid stereotype, though. :)
  • The only fellow Marine that I've witnessed that could be diagnosed as psychotic, is one that's in the heat of combat. When the s*it hits the fan you don't want to be on the receiving side of a Marine war cry!
  • Hmmm...what if you are psychotic?
  • I never heard that Marines were psychotic. The only impression I've ever gotten from Marines is that you don't want to be on their bad side
  • I have only ever heard that from people who believe that ALL members of the military sacrifice babies and feast on their entrails. I'll bet you anything that people who think that don't know anybody who has ever served. Either that or they only ever met sailors who went to NNPTC.
  • What if you're all psychotic and therefore think you're all normal?????? :))))))
  • I served with a lot of Marines and I'm also friends with a lot of marine veterans I wouldn't describe them as psychotic although I know a few who have mental health issues I think it's understandable some of them were in Vietnam

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