• I used to have one. The lady in the pic actually looked just like me only 45 punds heavier. We'd go out and when they'd look at it and look at me, I'd throw a fit about loosing all the weight, and they just let me in...Anything not to upset a potential customer. Now that I'm 22 I don't really need one anymore.
  • No, I don't need a fake ID any more. I never sued to have one because I never really had a problem getting in anywhere.
  • Me,but dont ask for it?
  • I dont own one any more. One night i was out with work (this was years ago and i no longer work there) and there was this party, students only etc, and one of the girls friends worked in student admin. All i had to do was give her a photo of me and i was allowed in. Good party but i had to blag what subjects i was taken and how long i had been at the uni for! Never used it again.
  • Judging by your childish little ":P", I'm assuming you don't.

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