• Templates can be set up to include words that can't (easily) be edited, such as a letterhead, which would save you typing your address details and the date every time you wrote a letter. So a template is much more than an empty document.
  • Templates are a special type of document. They hold components for other documents, especially text, Autotext, Macros & Toolbars. They also hold style definitions. A template is usually designed for information that is entered very frequently but constantly changes, such as peoples names and addresses just as an example. You can create a blank template - it will generally contain someinformation to which the user must enter the rest of the information into the appropriate blanks...
  • a template is like a stencil when you use it you get a predetermined design which can be blank or can contain predetermined formatting for example you could make a template for a company news letter which had the companies logo at the top with contact info and mission statement. or like i just made in power point, a template can be a blank document with customized page setup, fonts and formatting.a template saves time if you make documents with the same design and formatting a lot

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