• actually yes. its someone you have never met before and could be anyone. let alone why would you have a long distance realtionship with anyone, especially someone you havent met yet? makes no sence, dont waste your time, or safety... not worth it
  • No, but it's good to make sure they are who they are in one way or another, and to be careful...
  • OMG. im actually sorta in a similar situation right now. we've been chatting for quite sometime now. we talk nonstop. yes, we haven't met... at first i also thought thats its crazy and stupid. but its weird cuz it feels so right. i mean yea, there's this guy i havent even met yet i have really strong feelings for. he tells me stuff and i feel it. i feel the sincerity. sometimes you even get to know the person better this way.. chatting and talking on the phone or VOIP.. cuz you cant go out right so all you do is talk.. you talk about your inner most feelings, your fears, your hopes and dreams. and you know the feeling that you know what you have with him is different. its something some couples IRL cant even have even half of what he and i share. we've talked about all of our feelings and stuff but we didnt commit to each other like what you or your friend have. because i think that you should meet the person first before having that kind of thing with him or her. thats why he is flying over to see me in 3 months time. then all of our questions will be answered and then we'll truly know whats the deal. you should also be very careful because there are a lot of crazy ppl out there. you'll never know. so for me... having a long distance relationship with someone you met online is not stupid but you have to really meet in person first before having a relationship with him/her.
  • bit of a waste of time considering the fun that's to be had in dance rooms all over the world.
  • it depeneds. i mean it's probably not going to last all that long but whats the harm, have your fun.
  • No, not at all. I have an "internet boyfriend" that lives in Minnesota and I love him.
  • No, but realize it for what it is - a friendship, nothing else. You cannot fall in love with someone you have never met, only typed to. Do not make any promises or hold any expectations for someone you have never met, and you will be MUCH better off. Good luck!
  • It's completely unpromising.
  • It's not necessarily, but as Wide Awake Phoenix said, realize it for what it is. No matter how detailed or intimate you become with someone over the internet, you have absolultely no idea who they are in real life. Typing to someone is no substitute for actual human interaction. In fact, you have no idea if the person is even who they represent themselves to be online. This is a trap that the youngest generation is quickly falling into. Though it's an extreme example, look at the story of the 13 year old girl who took her life when she thought her "boyfriend" (actually two grown people) turned against her and became cruel. It's fine to interact online and to socialize to some extent -- look at this site, for example -- but to substitute it for actual friendship or, God forbid, a romantic relationship is dangerous and delusional.

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