• Hi, I am a reformed Alcoholic since about 1982 no alcohol. I prayed to Jesus in the Bible to set me free and he did. I also asked him to make me not like to drink. I dont go around wanting to drink in fact I have no desire at to drink or take drugs at all. I will pray for you if you want me to
  • I hate to say it - but from what I have read - once an alcoholic - then any time you have a drink you are very like to not be able to drink in moderation. Having said that it depends what you class as an alcoholic. A true alcoholic wakes up and needs a drink. Can not get through the day without a drink. A lot of people drink way too much and risk harming themselves in the long term but are not alcohol dependant. Which ever category you are in - I wish you well. Im a social drinker - a light weight. At least it doesnt cost me much to get drunk once in a while.
  • You won't be able to drink! If you truly want to quit, you gotta quit all the way!
  • as a recovering addict I will tell you that "even 1 drink" does hurt. You will always crave. I have been clean 5 years and I still do but if you really want to quit, you have to be determined to not take that "just 1" drink. Maybe you are not ready to quit..when you sick enough of the consequences, you will quit.
  • *** It should be noted that many doctors say that controlled drinking is not really possible for alcoholics; for them,
  • It's a disease like diabetes or ulcers. Would you continue to eat heavy starches or spicy food if you had those?

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