• The best type of job for a teenager would be an internship. If you are working for a company in which you are majoring or studying in school, you will find that you get a fairly large paycheck. Some common ones are as high as $20-25 an hour.
  • Mowing grass & weed eating. Going to the store for elderly & disabled. Being a life guard is great of the summer or anytime at the YMCA.
  • Soccer referee. I don't know what's the pay there.. but here its 32$ (canadian) a game, for a normal house league game. REAL good pay.
  • Realistically, the best jobs for teenagers (high school age) are usually at supermarkets or retail stores. These companies pay at least minimum wage and have extremely flexible schedules which allow teens the ability to attend school, work and still make time for their studies. It is a great way to teach them responsibility while earning cash. Additionally, their coworkers will be around the same age.
  • Mcdonalds!!! Kentucky fried chicken and Pizza Hut.... lol
  • Help out at a store - Running register or Stocking good tools to know later on down the road
  • I know a seventeen year old who made a lot of money going door to door offering to wash cars and wax them on the spot. Some people don't have the time or are too lazy to wash their cars or take them to a Car Wash location. His investment consisted in a few bottles of car wash, car polish and a few sponges and rags. He bought himself a new nice wide screen wireless notebook after a few weeks of work.
  • Where I live in the summer it is changing sprinkler pipe and ranch hands... It does not pay good but the kid will work hard
  • Where I live, the most popular jobs are fast food joints, movie theatre, grocery bagging and lawn care/car washing in decent weather.
  • digging ditches, so they will realize that hard work is worthwile, hard and something that they would probably not want to do for a life time. And then get a degree, become a doctor and do Orthopedic surgery.
  • Places like big supermarkets will generally be unionized, so you're likely to make better than minimum wage. Waiting tables can be profitable as well, if you're willing and able to offer exemplary service. Comissioned sales at places like the electronics department of Sears or some other store can be pretty profitable, too (one big-screen TV can be worth $100-150 commission), but you've got to look sharp and be knowledgeable and professional -- unless you look old for your age, customers are less likely to take you seriously just because you're a teenager. The other downside is that some places work strictly on commission -- if you don't sell, you don't get paid.
  • McDonald's is a great first job for teens to earn money and learn responsibility.
  • paper round, [JOKE]
  • me!
  • Malls ,Supermarkets,retail Stores where there is some sense of security. But the best job is to invest time in what ever carrer you are persuing so that making money wont be a problem in later life.

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