• No, just move on as casually as possible, as if you weren't waiting for/expecting a response.
  • I would let it go for the time being. But the next time you are with that person in an intimate setting, I would say, "The other day, I told you I love you. You didnt say anything. You dont have to say anything at all until you are ready. If you dont think you will ever love me, tell me now." That is how I would handle it.
  • No. If I really meant it, I would say to them, I don't need a response now, I just wanted you to know.
  • need to just find out what the silence is about. It could mean something innocuous or it could mean something very unpleasant.
  • Whether you choose to act like you were joking or not, his lack of response is still going to bother you so it might be best to bring it up when it seems appropriate.
  • Hmmm... the silence could either be caused by shock (can be good or bad) or they're trying ot think of what ot say next (also can be good or bad). In my case, if someone says it to me, my mouth gets ahead of my mind and asks if they mean it... (Can be good or bad, but usually makes me clap a hand over my mouth) OOPS! O_O
  • No i would say that i mean it and i feel good that i said it no matter if they don't have a response.
  • No I mean what I say when I tell someone I love them. I don't throw those words around very lightly. They come from the heart. If someone is that taken aback I might say something like that's ok just thought you deserved to know how I felt about you and no biggie if you don't feel the same.
  • No I yell it at them I LOVE YOU. lol no I never expect an answer back, I just carry on with the conversation. Great question by the way...
  • Hahaha sounds like what happens some times when I call my girlfriend. We both tell each other we love one another and then go silent for a little while. If we were not so far away from each other. That would be the point where we hold each other close and just enjoy the feeling. - Why would you say "I love you" and then be kidding?
  • I think that you should wait and say it again at another time. I think that maybe the other person is scared, or surprised.
  • Magic 8-Ball says "As I See It Yes".

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