• She has hot spots. It's like really bad dry skin that burns and itches. You need to give her a bath in oatmeal dog shampoo to aliveate the heat and stop the itch. And if she getting the spots raw you need to put neosproine on them or they wil get infected. Cover the spots in something thst tastes nasty like bitter apple spray.
  • Sounds like an allergy to me. Most paw and leg chewing is allergy related, possibly soy or corn. What are you feeding the puppy? HAve you tried changing it's diet? Or if the skin is getting swollen and wrinkly it could be mites.
  • If you are quite sure your dog DOES NOT HAVE FLEAS...(and if she does...pick up some NEEMS SOAP and NEEMS oil to treat her with. Neems will get rid of fleas and ticks and skeeters too...and it is NOT poison like Advantage, and the other commercial products) If you know she does not have fleas, then we look at the problem from other angles. 1. ALLERGIES to something (s) or 2. Emotional issues = STRESS. Animals can develop behavioral problems, chewing themselves, pacing, rocking in place (usually standing) due to stress. Stress can result from Poor breeding of the dog (the dog is more prone to excitability than what would be considered "normal" or easily frightened with little or no recovery to the fright...example: puppy sees bigger or strange dog or person, puppy is taken aback, a little scared (normal) puppy may try to back or get away, assume a submissive position...on back, or sitting/laying with tail tucked, head down, not making eye contact, even submissively urinate on its self (still somewhat normal, most puppies go through a stage of fear with NEW experiences) NOW...the scary bigger dog or unknown person advances, the dog sniffs at the cringing puppy, but being a friendly dog or pup, the scary dog drops its front end down in the typical language that says PLAY! The NORMAL Puppy looks up, understands the offer to be playful, and begins to react with its own offer to "get to know you" and perhaps "bows" as well, saying OK...YOU SEEM NICE, MAYBE WE CAN PLAY! The ABNORMAL puppy will have none of this play remains AFRAID...WITH NO "RECOVERY" in sight at this time. (This pup CAN usually be taught to relax, but it may take a fair amount of time to get it there!) ALLERGIES: These can range in every direction you might imagine. The puppy VACCINES that no doubt she's been getting, the FOOD she's being fed, some chemical that has recently been applied to the grass she plays and lays on, cleaning chemicals you have used in your house, the flea and tick applications you've probably been encouraged to use on your puppy, the soap you washed her bedding with, or the fabric softener you used in drying it...same with the clothes you wear washed in the same product. It could well be MITES! WE ALL have mites that live on our skin....(Ours live to either side of our noses and they live off of our dead skin). Any one who, for some reason has a slightly or advanced immune breakdown may experience these "beneficial" mites GETTING OUT OF CONTROL! or...could be allergic to the mites. Of course there are also NON-beneficial mites that can cause great trouble for anyone who contracts them! Your Vet would need to start with a skin scraping of the spots to see if there are mites there. A wet or dry nose is not indicative of defining illness. I'd say look to allergies first, by reading the ingredients on your pet food. Corn, dyes, by-products dump and look into something better. Semi-moist, huge waste of your hard earned money...loose that crap asap! Sugar and oil make semi-moist. This was the brand that cured (3 years hot spot free) my cat who had skin allergies all of his life...there are other's less expensive, such as Nutro dry Natural Choice Rice/chicken that are pretty good, and some Iams, Eukanuba (how ever it's spelled) that you COULD NOT PAY ME TO BUY..they charge a ton and what you get is NOT up to the level they charge in my opinion. (YOU can pay LESS and get MORE with some others). Look into This and adding cooked meat...cured my cat 100% when 2 Vets were at a loss over 8 years of attempted treatments! HOT SPOT FREE...SHASTA-CAT!
  • my rottweiler has a big growth beneath his chin it looks like a blister its pink in color with no fur and it has been bleeding what is it

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