• Puppies and if the father was also a Shi-tzu, Shi-tzu puppies.
  • Swelling of the breast's, nesting, Little bit of laziness cause she has babies inside her that are probably taking a lot of her energy.. A great thing to do to help relieve her of tension and stress is to baby her and MASSAGE her back and maybe tummy.. but no too much when it's days before she gives birth. She will start to pee a lot more now and eat a LOT more, which is good cause she has babies to feed as well. Just watch her and make sure she gets lots of loving and just make sure she's ok.. and consult a veterinarian..Also it might be good to give her a designated area in the home that she can have her time and peace and quiet for sleeping and resting and most important a space for her to nest in.. just pay close attention to her and she will let you know when the time is coming for her to deliver and just help her the best you can..GOOD LUCK with your puppy's new babies.. she will be just fine.

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