• it's important to have good conversation... no point in wasting words on a deaf ear. Try talking about something that you know will stimulate a womans interest... To be more specific, watch the woman first, how does she react to others? what does she obviously have an interest in? A great way is to complement (sp) her. Pay close attention to what things seem to be turn offs and what things are pleasant enough to keep her attention or even get a response.
  • Hi, my name is Worm Guy. What do you think of this weather? and go on from there. Ask her questions about her interests and such. Nothing too personal or intimate and you should do fine.
  • well, you want to be nice, but not too nice, just in case this girl might think you're a pervert or something. Be cool and gentle and maybe be the quiet one where she will be interested in you.
  • Say hi, and jokely mention a common situation you are in. "Jeez, if I knew the line was this long, I would have brought my lunch." That kind of thing.
  • Hey, my name is...and then just start talking. Or you could walk up to her in a resturant like McD's and tell her you'll give her five bucks to order powdered water. It worked for someone I know.
  • Just walk up and say "Hello, my name is XXXXXXX, can I offer you a conversation?". They key is to not be sleazy, creepy, or a stalker. If you are any of them, leave her alone.
  • Talk to her like you would talk to a guy. Start with sports, then on to cars or weather. If she's not interested, talk about her day. Try to focus the conversation on her and definitely remember to keep your eyes locked on her eyes. Women are very good with interpersonal communication so give gestures or facial expressions if you need to. If they answer your questions in one or two words, or tries to focus on something else, then she DEFINITELY not interest in you. That is a warning sign. Don't miss out. If that happens, just move on. There are a whole lot other women out there. Note: Try not to talk about other women or even think about sex when approaching her. If she's cute, she knows she's cute and a lot of guys will persue her. Just be cool and chill. A girl loves a man with sense of humor so it's okay to be goofy. Good luck bro.
  • well me being a girl, i love when random guys i dont know talk to me, its obvious they like you though. so dont just go up to her and immediatley start talking, unless u want her to know u like her, or if u dont like her be causal dont be obnoxious. we hate that. just drop a book and she'd probably pick it up, i know i do its just polite. and carry on from there. or accidently, gently bump into her when shes not facing you. but dont just go and fall on her.
  • Don't be intimidated with her beauty. Just have to be relax and everything will turn out okay once you try to approach her. Start on opening topics relevant to where the place you were in. Relate in the situation. This is a good start. I used to have this problem before on how to start a conversation with women not until I watched this video that taught me a lot of tips and guidelines in starting a good conversation. This video will really help you dude.
  • Start with Hello or a variation.
  • Effective pick up lines can possibly start a conversation. Lines that could make her smile or could make her day. It has to be related on the place you were in so the girl can easily response about it. Used to have some troubles before in starting a conversation with the girls I like until I found out about this video that taught me techniques and effective ways to start a conversation. Go try this video yourself and tell me what do you think about it.
  • i would say hey wats up or like give her a complement... that always makes my day......
  • Start with hello and then when they do that little gotta attitude thing because they don't know you make a joke. Make sure it's a funny though or you'll feel like a dumbass. And lastly show off the muscles. And if your not 250 lbs of muscle like me then stick to the first two things but mostly remember the more comfortable you look the better your chances.
  • You: "Hi! I find myself attracted to you. [ smile ] My name is ___________. What's yours?" Simple.

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