• Why do you think Bill cheated on her
  • I find sexy women sexy.
  • Powerful women enthrall me. On the otherhand, Hillary does not.
  • Hillary Clinton is not sexy. That would be like you saying that Yugo's are great trasportation.
  • I am not a man...but I can say from the bottom of my heart that Hillary Clinton is not sexy.
  • Hillary is not sexy. There are horses that are sexier than Hillary Clinton.
  • She is a pig!
  • I just threw up in my mouth a little at the thought of Hillary Clinton, trying to look sexy...*blech*
  • I find Hillary Clinton very sexy, she is a very attractive woman and the power makes her even more beautiful. If she becomes President, I would love to be her intern.
  • I don't like Hillary; I don't trust her, either. In spite of this, I do find her sexy. She is highly intelligent, and she craves power. I find those things very sexy in a woman, even one I don't like or trust. My own relationships with that type of woman have not been good for me, just as alcohol and drug use have not been good for me. I am weak for them, just the same. I don't think that Hillary as President would be good for America, but part of me loves the idea of "goose-stepping" along in the wake of her power trip. I'm sure that she relishes every opportunity to impose her will on others, especially men. Yes, America, Hillary is sexy!
  • Yes, powerful women are sexy. Hillary is not!
  • Hillary would have won the election if she'd just taken her purse with her on the podiums. She's not sexy at all, I'd go without. Chelsea... now that's another thing all together.
  • Oh Hillary! You're most beautiful when you're angry! Your quivering lip when outlining a "vast right wing conspiracy" made me wwwwant you! (made me want you gone) Powerful women are sexy when they are classy. Hillary is brassy. Powerful women are sexy when they don't make their contempt for 49% of the population (uhh,that's the guys for you statistically impaired) so obvious. Hillary is sexy like a Chinese tractor. You know, big rear end and communist at heart.
  • Good God! She's about as sexy as a flounder that's been laying in the sun for three days!
  • often, yes. i found benazir bhutto very attractive, but she was assassinated. justice sandra day o'connor a few years ago would have been sexy and today would still be a delight and honor to talk with. hillary is bright but i can see why bill might've gone almost anywhere else. nancy pelosi's face is too plastic (oh, it is!). i think that representative wassermann-schultz is one of the most brilliant people in congress and is sort of sexy. i don't find martha stewart at all sexy.
  • i have never heard a man EVER say they found her sexy....i think a lot of males find such powerful women as a 'gravy train' so they don't have to be the 'gravy train'....or they are insecure 'mama's boys' ... such force and dominance....and power hunger....yukkkkkkk....
  • i find powerful women very sexy but not hillary clinton i ddon t think she s sexy i think she s bitchy
  • Hilary? No. Some psuedo dominatrix at a porn convention? No. Though people are into that stuff will still say yes more to the later than the former. Hilary is more a powerful creature from the lagoon instead of a woman.
  • Not really. Most of the 'powerful' women that Ive met were egomaniacs. If she's hot and she's good a nice personality AND she's in a position of power then yeah..I guess. I like girls that are polite and humble though, I'm not turned on by all that bossy bullshit.
  • you couldnt have used a worse example! The word powerful just got lost behind the image of Hillary in lingerie....ugghghh, ewwww, splat.....go to Forbes magazine, look at pics of powerful women and find some of the more attractive ones.
  • Maybe. As long as they don't LOOK like Hillary Clinton. <gag!>
  • not really...but I find 'powerful' women tennis players sexy, like Maria sharapova +5
  • that's very strange my boyfriend says he feels threatened by independent women and career driven women. In any case I made it clear to him that I am exactly that so if he doesn't like it....he hasn't walked out yet! Bt what is his problem seriously? Wen we had a terrible exam I was moaning how I want to quit work and be his house wife--he didn't like that either! Claiming I won't be happy to be a house wife...yeah right he just doesn't want to support a bum in my opinion!
  • SEXY??????? Are you friggin crazy. Shes about as sexy as a pile of Elephant Dung. She is soooooo Ugly she makes Spacy Look hot!

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