• Tuesday is the slowest business day for most resturants in general next to Monday which is the second slowest. Typically people eat out on Mondays because they are still tired from the weekend and dont want to be bothered cooking. But by the time tuesday rolls around they are back into their normal routine.
  • Well, I can answer this easily! I am chinese. It's because we chinese people are very superstitious and according to this legend, dragons comes to our resturant to eat on Tuesdays!
  • That is the day designated to scouring back alleys for stray cats.
  • A superstitious reason is behind the closing of businesses in China.
  • This is supposed to come from the time when Coronation Street was transmitted only on Mondays and Wednesdays. Housewives would down tools in the kitchen to watch on these days, leading to a surge in trade. Tuesday, being comparatively quiet, was taken as a day off. Or so the story goes.

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