• Snohomish was founded in 1860 by E.C. Ferguson and E.F. Cady. It was originally known as Cadyville, and changed its name to Snohomish City in 1871. The name Snohomish is taken from the name of the dominant local Native American tribe "Snohomish (tribe)sdoh-doh-hohbsh", which has a meaning that is widely disputed. Snohomish was officially incorporated on November 24, 1883. Near the end of 2006, the explosion of a ceremonial cannon injured Brett Karch, a 16-year old high school student. The cannon is fired at football games at Snohomish High School in an increasingly rare thirty year old local tradition. After the incident, Karch and his family received several threats from townspeople afraid that the incident might lead to the end of the cannon tradition. Nearly 400 emails were sent to the City of Snohomish as a result of the publication of an account of these events in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which was listed in the top 10 on the main page of Digg. Source:

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