• The village was founded in 1806 by George Weirick. Its original name was Centreville. Due to a conflict with a similarly-named Centerville, in the state, the nearby creek's name was adopted sometime after 1842. The village was originally part of Northumberland County, PennsylvaniaNorthumberland County, then Union County, PennsylvaniaUnion. On March 2, 1855, Penns Creek became part of Snyder County. Snyder County was named for Governor Simon Snyder of Selinsgrove, PennsylvaniaSelinsgrove. Buried in the old Sharon Lutheran Churchyard in Selinsgrove, Snyder was very popular and was the only governor of Pennsylvania to serve three terms. Penns Creek celebrated its bi-centennial year in 2006, and Bill Inch, a native son, wrote a history of Penns Creek for the celebration. The book gives a good overview of its 200 year history, complete with many photos of places and people through the years. The books sell for $15.00 and are helping to procure a plaque for the Penns Creek founder, George Weirick, to be placed at the entrance to the Penns Creek Union Cemetery. Books are still available by calling Beverly Bowersox at (570) 837-3185 or Bill Inch at (570) 837-3209. Source:

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