• El Dorado Springs was founded in 1881 by the Cruce brothers, Nathaniel and Waldo, who attempted to capitalize off the namesake spring's water. The spring was rumored to have medicinal value. Thus, El Dorado Springs became a destination for tourists and retirement. The water, which has a heavy mineral content, was so valued that the Cruces named the city El Dorado Springs, after the legendary city of gold (although the residents of the city pronounce the name "el-dough-RAY-dough"). A local tradition is the Founder's Day Picnic. It began early in the town's existence as an annual gathering for residents of the town. The three night event has grown to be the largest attraction of the year, bringing thousands of visitors to the town. A carnival has provided rides in recent years, and the city council hires performers to give free concerts in the city park. Recent performers have been country stars Rushlow, Brian McComas, and Chely Wright. The city boasts one of the oldest continuously playing municipal bands and the oldest continuously used bandstand in the United States. The municipal band, which is over one hundred years old, plays free concerts every Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon in June, July, and August. The band consists of local citizens from high schoolers to senior citizens. Source:

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