• Neil Peart of Rush doing "Tom Saywer"
  • Tenacious D's Beelzeboss (the final showdown) off the Pick of destiny album ..... kick ass think it was a Dave Grohi on drums in that ???
  • An old Aussie hit called Bombora by the Atlantics. Came out about 1963. The band is still together and rocking. You can hear a sample on their website. Absolutely great stuff, so good it went up the American charts (one of the first Aussie bands to crack them)...later the DJ who pushed it said that had he known they were not American he would not have played the song!
  • La Do Da by Journey on their Infinity album. The drummer then was Ansley Dunbar.
  • Keith Moon in "The Real Me" off Quadrophenia. Astounding.
  • There is some nifty drum work on Dire Straits "Twistin by the Pool," although I don't know where it ranks as the best of all time.
  • I would agree with most of the already mentioned. Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin. Bass drum triplets a go-go! Sing Sing Sing - Gene Krupa originally I think. Drums make the song (and OK it may have a drum solo in it but neh ;) ) And of course ANY song by Buddy Rich.
  • John Bonham, Good times bad times or Keith moon, hevean and hell.
  • aqua - barbie girl vanessa carlton- paint it black muse - hysteria etc
  • Rick Allen - Def Leppard's Drummer Few celebrities in today's image-driven society are truly unique and inspiring. Rick Allen is one of those few. Famous as Def Leppard's 'one-armed drummer', Rick did not let the tragedy of losing an arm keep him from pursuing his passion of playing drums. Through determination and hard work, he overcame the odds and made one of the greatest comebacks in rock n' roll history, earning him the nickname 'The Thunder God'.
  • Good question. Man, you're really making me think! "Dust" by Damaged. "Lest We Forget" and "Tank" by Bolt Thrower. "Crawlspace" and "Toe Tag" by Infected. "Davidian" by Machine Head. I'm sure I'm missing some here. Better start listening to my music collection again.
  • I'm a fan of ticks and leeches by tool
  • How bout that, also Al Yankovic has a good drummer. Also FooFighter's DOA is one of my favs. enjoy.
  • In terms of technicality, you might want to check out La Villa Strangiato by Rush, a great Peart performance, one of his most creative. In terms of a good groove, get Squib Cakes by Tower of Power or Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin, both have the some of the funkiest, catchiest drumming I have ever heard Solo-wise, Tank by ELP. Carl Palmer is faster than the Earth's rotation. In terms of originality and taste, all the Bonham songs mentioned here plus When The Levee Breaks. The way he pushes into that beat just shocks me every time And Keith Moon is Keith Moon, so it's not hard to find good drumming in any Who song, but Cobwebs and Strange happens to have an abundance of it.
  • The single most complex and aggressive drum performance of all time is from Danny Carry of Tool in Ticks and Leeches. This isn't Danny but it is an excellent view of what the song consists of.

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