• A - ...a few points were knocked off due to "religion forcing"
  • I'm afraid the would fail..... Never knew my Dad and I ran away from home at the age of 14. But it made me a better person I think.
  • My father would get a D-. My mother would get a B, with an A+ for effort.
  • i wud give my mum an A* cos she is amazin and we would have such fun in lessons!!
  • A+ both of them
  • Mom- A+ Dad- C
  • -My father would get an F- but on the final test he did really well. I'd give him a D- overall. He dissapeared when I was 2. He never made any attempt to help my mother - not a dime, not a finger. The last few months of his life he made a real attempt to make ammends. Two months out of 20 years is still pretty dismal. -My Mom? Exceptional. Without reservation, an A+. 20 years of personal sacrfice for her children. Not many men will get involved with a woman who has 4 kids. Even the father didn't want that.
  • I give my Mom a B+ she was a great mom, only thing I wished she had done was taught me how to cook like her and her mother, she wouldn't take the time I give my Dad a A+, I was a Daddy's girl he taught me many things in life, and was there for me no matter what I did, he was my baseball coach, life's coach. They both gave such unconditional Love though out my life, even when I made some bad mistakes. Just wished they were both still here to call and ask question when I needed them.
  • I can't say that I could give either of them good grades as I was growing up. My mom would get a D- if even that much. She put me through so much emotional abuse. And my dad would cuss my sister and me out often, then wonder where we 'learned those words'. I remember being called a primadonna bitch by him once...I was 10 years old and very unspoiled. I would give him a C. Now, as an adult, I give my mom a big, fat F! She has just gotten worse over the years, lazy and ungrateful. Blaming the world and everyone for problems that she could have taken care of years ago. My dad would get a solid B. He went through a lot the past couple years- a stroke, heart surgery, beating cancer. After his stroke his whole attitude changed. He became a gentler person.
  • Mom would get an A+. Sperm donor would get an F.
  • DADADADADADA twas bi-polar. the grade would vary weekly
  • My mom would get an A. My dad would get a C.
  • birth father would be an f- for well do you really want to know? my mom would be an A for effort step dad would be an A for helping
  • I would give them a solid B for doing the best they could..........I could of used some mentorship though.
  • I'd like to note an observation of sexism in this thread. Many A's for Moms and F's for Dads, so men are scum and women are perfect little angels? I call bullshit. Anyways, I'd give both a B.
  • A+ both of them :)
  • A++++ for my mother, whom I would do anything for. My father would receive an I for Incomplete.
  • I would give them a F for my dad abusing me and my mother just standing by and letting it happen.

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