• Nursing is a brilliant career for some people to go into and a dreadful career choice for some other people. I suggest that if you need to ask the question it isn't the career for you.
  • if you feel passionate about that kind of work then yes. i know that nursing can pay very well but that shouldn't be the reason to do it.
  • If you have what it takes yes, it is a very good career. Nurses are always in demand and it pays well. Then there is the satisfaction you get from helping others.
  • I think it's a great career choice, but it isn't for everybody. You have to have a passion for the human body and want to know how it works, and you have to have compassion, patience, and a deep desire to want to help people (I know it's cliche, but that's what you do all day.) and a great attitude. It gives people a sense of satisfaction, the pay is decent, but that shouldn't be too important. The number one thing is, you have to like people.
  • Yes, there is a shortage of nurses in most of the USA. I was even thinking of switching careers to nursing if I lose my present job.
  • it is a very demanding job. ideally it is great to help others, reallistically some days the only time i see my pts is when i do thier obs. this is so frustrating if u like people. we are given so much more responsibilities these days, not to mention the paperwork, the stress levels can be extremely high. i am laid back yet still fell pressured at times. but nevertheless im still here. maybe district nursing would be quieter than an acute ward setting.
  • Yes. It's a very in demand job. And with the world's ageing population, more and more medical professionals are needed.
  • I am related to several nurses. It is a good career in the sense that there is a high demand and a lot of security. But the hours are bizarre and the job is physically and emotionally tough.
  • yes, but you have to be willing to do a good job and still get no recognition.
  • Nursing is a good career option. Check it here:
  • If nothing else, I think it's a stable career. It seems like I always hear of nursing positions open at hospitals, etc.
  • By no doubt nursing is a good career option. Check it here at :
  • yes, but remember that you can't heal everyone.
  • Yes. A very good one. It has increasing scope.
  • Sure, but it's not for everyone. I know that I couldn't handle it.
  • Great pay, benefits and job securty. Be prepared to wipe alot of butts before you really "make it". Once you earn your way beyond that it should be a breeze. At first you'll have the least desireable hours too.
  • Yes, nurses didn't get good pay when I was a kid, but now they make big money and are always in demand. I know a woman who only works four days a week and makes much more than most of my friends, even the ones that work 50 or so hours. I heard a nurse on a talk show say that the medical proffesion should come up with a differetn term term for men who want to become nurses, because many men are reluctant to be called a male nurse. It is a good idea. It's like a doctor, it doesn't seem to me that it's a gender-specific job. Also, they've been able to get jobs all during that last 20+ years even when times are hard for most people.
  • Yes. With the world's ageing population, more and more health professionals like nurses are needed. It's very in-demand.
  • We never have enough dedicated professionals that are willing to devote themselves to helping others. Nurses are crucial as our society gets older and older; senior care is in high demand nowadays.
  • Nursing is very diverse as you will have alot of flexability with what you can do with it... It pays pretty decent as well... If you love helping people and are passionate about it, than I would say yes, it is a good profession to go into.. Keep in mind however that alot of nurses are understaffed particularly in hospitals and therefore can put alot of stress and pressure on you...
  • Yes, if you don't mind shift work, working holidays, getting mandated to stay at work if someone calls in, arrogant doctors, heavy lifting, emptying bedpans, and (if you choose to be an RN) making sure the unit is run safely when you have about half the amount of staff needed..... oh and you need to have a very large bladder because you probably won't have time to use the bathroom all shift (let alone a lunch/dinner break). Can you tell I'm a burnt out nurse? I don't want to discourage you, but point out some of the things you wont' read about if you're doing research on the internet about the profession. There is certainly lots of job security, and if you like helping people it may be the job for you. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  • Definitely. So many opportunities.. You can specialize in just about anything All kinds of shifts available to work Pretty easy to further your education Nurses are needed everywhere And it's pretty rewarding to know you have a job where you get to help people.. especially when they need it most.
  • My, yes. You get to check out naked men all day every day.
  • depends how devoted you are, i hear the money is no good
  • As a profession, there can be few careers that are as rewarding both personally and professionally as nursing. Nurses spend their time helping others and expertly blending care, compassion and science. Most work closely with doctors and other health care professionals in a variety of locations and situations. Today, nursing is one of the country’s largest health care professions with a growing need for more nurses in the future. Due to current shortage of qualified nurses, graduates with a nursing degree are almost always assured of a secure career and future. Most nursing programs require a high school diploma and exemplary scores in high school English, the sciences - chemistry, biology, and physics along with algebra and psychology. A familiarity of technology and computers is also an asset. If you possess leadership and organizational skills, people skills, flexibility, patience, compassion, a calm personality and problem-solving skills, you may have exactly the personality required to excel in the field of nursing. Look for a good nursing degree program and take those first steps towards making your career dreams a reality. I would highly recommend the nursing degree programs available at Stevens-Henager College. Visit . They offer Associate, Bachelor and Masters Degree programs on-campus and online as well.

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