• No. Apart from the cold weather, I have a fear of catching crabs, and always have since college age.
  • YES!! I have worked short term jobs like that where you bust your butt in crazy dangerous conditions like that for a short number of days. It is fun, it is rewarding, and you get really close to the people you are working with. It's crazy but it's like a high - the constant action and need to be strong and make decisions quickly is a rush. I'd love to do it - but I think they don't let women on ships. Bad luck, ya know.
  • oh yes i would love to do that , life taking ultimate adventure and the most imortantly the monetory reward u get afterwards and that too in just one or two weeks so if i get a chance i will surely go test my butt over there..
  • No , they're nutters. The rewards are good but not enough to risk my life for, no amount of money is. Like the programme though.
  • My brother went for five weeks, worked his butt off, long hours, but the catches have been declining lately. He was expecting to make several thousand dollars through the summer, but when the take was divided up, he only got $2000. He was very disappointed. I think I'd rather work on an oil platform, or a commercial freighter going to Asia. Or just bum around Europe bussing tables.
  • Not at this point in my life. I knew a guy that did it twice. He watched a guy get washed overboard on his second trip. They called it in and didn't stop the boat. The odds were that even if they stopped the boat and tried to rescue him he would be a humancicle so they just kept going. I'm getting old enough and done my share of adrenal surge jobs to know that I'm putting all of that past me.
  • No im too much of a whimp but i have to say i loved the show watched it every week without fail.
  • I am 50 years old. The idea of being out there working as a team, and not being micro-managed by an upstart wanna-be is very appealing. I worked on tg boats when I was younger in the Gulf of Mexico. It was nothing compared to the seas that these guys deal with. There was, however a great feeling of accomplishemnet combined with commaradory with the other crew. I would do it. I would definitely do it.
  • yes, that would float my boat
  • Since I have no financial or other need to work I wouldn't do more than one day for less than $10 million. If that happened I'd make sure that my wife's family got about $8 million of that.
  • Never. My life is worth more than some crabs. It's too great a risk for the money, too great a stress, for me and family.
  • Depends on how much they pay. I'm sure it beats the heck out of working at Red Lobster for $3.10 an hour in the front or $5.85 in the back.
  • yes in a haert beat please give me more info ,
  • Heck ya,love boats and The fact i dont get seasick, btw im watching that right now
  • I couldn't, even if I wanted to... It would be great to make the money they make for the time they are out, but I can't STAND for more than a couple of minutes without my back killing me to the point that I HAVE to sit down, now. (No toes, and bad knee, so no balance... Back and hip muscles have to do all the work.)
  • I think I'm not tough enough for that ...
  • yep. I've sailed up there before. Not crabbing though. Rough weather is okay with me, just don't know if my sensitive mentality could take some of those assh&les without tossing 'em overboard.
  • Hello, I write from Italy and I'm interessed for a job on crab fishing in the Bering Sea, how can I find it from internet? Can you give me some information or help for this job? I hope that you can help me, and sorry for my english thanks Giuseppe
  • HELL YEA!!! they make bank, lol
  • Yes i would love to go to the Bering Sea to catch King crab..what a buzz..I have been on Uk crabbing boats 15 yrs/most of my working life, i still am and cant get enough..I would love the weather extreme, cold and rough and would give "my right arm" to go and do a couple of three years..have tryed to get info on jobs out in Alaska but cant get past work agencys charging high amounts of money on fees. Do i trust them and pay it???? What do you think???

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