• I don't know about ALL, but I am one of them.
  • I think Rosie O'Donnel has a huge mouth and needs to shut it a lot of times, but she also does much good, loves kids, is genuine in her weirdo beliefs and is herself. Donald Trump is an affected phoney, has horrible values and just in general turns my stomach. The only thing I admire about him is he is smart in the business sense of the word.
  • I try not to hate anyone at all. Donald Trump does make it hard for people to actually like him though. Money, power and fame will not make you happy not to mention his bad comb over. I really don't believe he is a happy man. As for Rosie she also makes it very hard for people to like her. If I had my foot in my mouth as often as she has, all my food would taste like shoe leather. Again NOT a happy person. I try to reserve my hate to people who actually deserve it like Kim Jung Ill and Amadinajab.
  • ugh i can't stand rosie o'donnel.... she's too obnoxious

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