• I don't have typical proportions so it is very hard for me to find clothes that fit. Therefore I am offten pulling up my pants. Hopefully oneday I will be able to afford tailored clothes.
  • When you sit, the surface area between your lower back and the bottom of your bum is elongated, pulling your pants down slightly. When you stand again, your pants are either slightly scrunched up, or they are a little low for comfort. This problem could be solved by baggy pants that go up past your belly button. I think I'll stick with the puller-uppers ;)
  • probally but then on long jurneys and on boring days we would have nothing to do!lol
  • No, your clothes get rearranged when you sit down. Just think of how guys pluck the front of their pants when they sit or give a tug to their jacket when they stand up. Sitting down rumples and moves your clothes and adjusting them when you stand up is only natural. Of course, if someone has pants or a shirt that look indecent when they sit down (like flashing a thong beyond just a peek or your whole stomach) and then they stand up to pull it up I think that is somewhat disgusting.
  • I guess it is not as bad as guys who let pants hang down, so called 'street style' ,. When they get up they don't even bother to pull them up since if they did then that would defeat the purpose of wearing baggy pants.
  • Probably, but clothes fit women differently. We have more curves and so the sizes are decieving.
  • I don't wear anything that doesn't fit me properly. If my pants are falling off or my shirts riding up and I still look good, then I just leave it alone.
  • curvier women do have troubles with shirts riding up.. my biggest issue is finding jeans off the shelf that fit. very few stay up without cutting into my midsection. movement causes clothes to get messed up on both men and women. i think it just happens more on women than men because we're not so straight.
  • i think they shouldve worn something else too
  • Made you look. If women we9te not trying to get you to look they would have worn a different outfit.

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