• lots and lots of brain activity wears out those cogs!
  • Sanity is what is "normal" behavior. Since "normal" people are of "average" intelligence, a "genius" could be considered "insane," just because he's different from the majority of the people.
  • It doesn't. That is just a myth we "idiots" use to feel better about ourselves.
  • Because it's there.
  • Your using both sides of the brain. The 'logical' side, and the 'creative' side. Could be quite maddening at times, especially when they clash.
  • If your sanity stays there will be trouble, but if it leaves your insanity will be double.
  • That statement is true, and here's why: 1. Intelligent people can perceive reality in ways an average mind may not, opening up strange new possibilities. If someone came to you claiming to have perfected a matter teleporter, you'd think they were crazy or lying. How do you think Edison felt trying to sell the light bulb? 2. People who score well on IQ tests tend towards autism and other mental disorders. Simply put, their minds perform differently than our own: better in some ways, worse in others. To me, that is the meaning of the statement "Genius borders insanity".
  • I think I'd be insane if I really understood the world today.
  • Yes, I believe so. Those who are able to think from a different paradigm than society are often labeled "insane".
  • That's not what the doctors told me when I was "detained" a while back
  • brings a whole new meaning of thinking outside the box. (way outside the box).
  • Does genuis border on insanity really? And what is really normal? Why is it that genius has to be insanity and normal,well,normal? The genius mind is more receptive to things of reality,has a higher awareness and sensitive to the imabalnce of evil and good energies.Can discern what is unseen by the majority and the simple.The true geniuses are more emotional because they carry a harder burden.They are in Gods natural design of humanity to sanctify what is mislead by ignorance and slothfulness.The true genius is more than the one of great memory and mathamatical intellegence.Well what is accepted as intellegence.But exspereinces the troubled people around them and the fallen nature that is dying.They are the prophets of the generation .When what was accepted as "normal" is really dead.They are the revivers and the light of the dark world.The creators to make new what has grown old .Psychologists condemn these, the creative saay they are mentally ill or insane.and judges what is unknown or by them cannot understand .Something that is rare and different from them and their understanding. Or a threat to thier power.A way to control and enslave the greaater minds.Their are 2 geniuses the evil and the good.they cause an uproot of both.Causing an embalnce to society.Thats why a creative person is denounced as mentally ill .Wonder why all the geniuses are now branded as having some sort of mental illness,the deep thinker,the poet,the painter the inventer.Their not insane .Just the rest of the world is,Or just asleep. by Prophetess Theresa
  • Someone can border where sanity ends, someone can border where sanity dwell.

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