• I am guessing you mean the password at POST(Power On Self Test). This is generally the black screen with a lot of data scrolling. So to remove this password, you have to go into the computer's BIOS(Basic Input Output System). You may do so by either pressing Del, F1 or F10 depending on what type of motherboard you own. When you're in the BIOS you should see a blue screen with lots of choices. One of them would be call Administrative Password (or something similar) and then you can remove it from there. Try that...
  • How do I delete "all" passwords for start up,even if its the DSL? I used "control userpasswords2" method, that helped, but there is still one more I think, when I go to safe mode, and when I press F2 to enter bios, it asks me to create a new password, what I don't want, I just lock my door ,don't need or want passwords...anyways this thread was most help full, thanks, I'm not done tho, killing passwords, thanks again.
  • The password before the welcome screen is usually the BIOS boot password, and hence can be changed in the BIOS.
  • That was it, thanks,but I think there is a clock in there, maybe bad,or is it a battery?

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