• The brain uses alot of energy and oxygen to send electronic impulses throughout the entire 1.5 billion brain cells, 20% of each as it happens. So if you starve the body of glucose and oxygen then the organ that needs it the most will die first.
  • First organ to decompose is your intestines due to the amount of bacteria. It's called putrefaction.
  • Hello Recently my Father in law had a tennet that no one has heard from for a week, My brother in law and I went over there to check up on him after knocking for quite a while we notice a "smell", broke down the door and found him on his bed deceased. The room was dark and we only had a flashlight ,I under that the body looses fluids after passing but one think that we noticed is that his head was silver,like duct tape was on it, but there wasn't.It seemed like a mask was on. The police and pairmadics said that he had been dead for about a week/ten days.So why was his head like that?

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