• Cipriani is a family name. Harry's Bar is a bar restaurant opened in Venice, Italy in 1931. It is located on the waterfront of St Mark's Square. Since that time it has been run as a family business by the CIPRIANI family. It has long been frequented by a literary crowd and was a favourite of Hemingway. Harry's Bar claims credit for the invention of the BELLINI cocktail and Montgomery cocktail and Carpaccio of beef. A Bellini cocktail is an equal mixture of Champagne and peach juice, often served at celebrations. It consists of pureed white peaches and Prosecco. Generally however, champagne is now commonly used in place of Prosecco. Other fruits and/or flavoured liqueurs are sometimes substituted for the peach puree. Granita (also called granite or Italian water ice) is a frozen dessert that consists of shaved ice, sugar and fruit juice or other flavors. Frequently, it will be sold from street stands and is an inexpensive treat. ---from Wikipedia Therefore, I deduce, but cannot quote proof, that a "Cipriani bellini granita" is a granita flavored with the ingredients of a Bellini cocktail. And I further assume that this granita must be served at Harry's Bar. I hope this helps! It makes sense to me...

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