• Buy a new set. Or, check the video card. It may be overheating as it may be covered with dust. If you can get the back off, use compressed air to dust everything. That should fix it.
  • no it is the audio Prossesor the damned chip is only about 30 Dollars but you cant get one through sony any more you have to go throuth pannasonic as i recall and if you pay to have it done expect about 200 Dollars on the verry cheap side frankly more than i would be willing to spend considering in about 2 to 3 more years the picture tube's {there are 3 of them } and the vidio prossesor will go out too thats were im at today and im not the only one look around youll see what i mean
  • Hit it until it stops.
  • Wow that's a throwback thought. You have a weak sync pulse. Resolder an/or replace caps in the vertical deflection circuit. Rca's were notorious for bad solder around the tuner shield. Better yet a new set(different brand) is the best course of action. RCA a long long long time ago was an excellent brand. Long long long long time ago.
    • WaterMaster
      My flux capacitor was having the same problem, luckily I went back to '85 and got the parts I needed at Radio Shack to follow your advice.

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