• Yes they do, it's called an umbilical scar actually, the place where the umbilical cord was attached. All mammals , except the marsupials( animals with pouches like kangaroos) and the monotremes ( platypus that lay eggs[!]) have umbilical cords, it's one of the things that defines them as mammals. The umbilical cord connects the foetus to the placenta in the mother's womb and is what provides nutrients to the developing puppy. After birth the momma dog bites it in two and it dries and drops off, leaving the belly button. It's not as prominent as a human one but it is there, if you look real close on the dogs tummy you will find it, just a small "innie". (Give Pooch a good tummy rub while your looking they love that) The marsupials and monotremes and even birds have something similar but it is much smaller and doesn't leave much of a scar. Marsupials spend their fetal life in the pouch with their mouth attached to a milk nipple. A foetus that develops in an egg has a cord that leads to the yolk. The scar is easier to see on larger mammals but bulls are harder to roll over so I do not know if they have an innie or an outie, besides they wear their ring in their nose and not their belly button.
  • Yes they do. They're usually only seen as a small scar in the midline of the abdominal skin. Dog fetuses, like other mammals, have an umbilical cord which tears during birth.
  • Yes, dogs do. All mammals are born from their mothers(with the exception of the platypus), therefore all mammals were attached to their mothers at one point with an umbilical cord. A belly button is the mark of where a mother was attached to the baby.
  • The word belly button suggests to me the ugly scar we have ion our bellies. Dogs don't usually have tha kinda scar, they have a little white line kinda scar. In some you can;t even see it.
  • Yes they do. It's located where their unmbilical cord scar is.
  • Some dummy told me only full breed dogs have belly buttons. Makes no sense since we all need nourishment from the umbilical cord in the womb.
  • My Chihuahua appears to have an outie, is that normal?
  • Yes, all placental mammals have navels it is where the umbilical cord is attached to the embryo from the mother to enable them to feed and grow.
  • Yeah. Its creepy.

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