• Strecthing feels good because when sleeping u havent move muscles for hours.
  • There are several reasons why this happens, and they are all interconnected. Firstly is circulation. Blood flow is not just caused by the heart. Although arteries pulse with the heartbeat, veins work by being squeezed by the muscle around them. When you stretch, you tense all of your muscles, which squeezed all the spent blood back to the heart and lungs, and replaces it with oxygenated blood. When all the muscles tense in a stretch, the heart will increase its output, increasing bloodflow around the body, including the brain. This saturates the brain with oxygenated blood. When you stretch, you expand the chest cavity, increasing the capacity of the lungs. This increases the amount of oxygen getting into the blood. Therefore the blood getting around your body is richer for those few moments. When you sleep, your breathing tends to be slow and shallow. So when you wake up and stretch, you are flooding your mind and body with fresh, highly oxygenated blood that vitalises. No wonder it feels good!
  • When you've been sleeping, your body has been in a similar position for a long period (depending how long you've been sleeping) of time, and so your blood has been circulating, but not as well as it would if you'd been in motion. When you stretch, you feel energized because you're no longer curled up and your blood begins to flow more freely.
  • stretching feels good because it does.
  • Your muscles have been laying mainly in one position, and stretching them feels good, for it is like fresh air to your lungs.
  • your muscles need it
  • shrink when you sleeping??? idk but it sure does feel great

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