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  • There isn't any real difference because they all belong to the orc family. Goblins, Uruk-hai and other forms of orcs are all part of the orc family. Difference in size but they are all orcs. Goblins are orcs - Orcs are uruk-hai. Edit - Bob B - I did mentioned there's a "size difference". Perhaps you didn't read that part. One must be able to grasp the broader perspective and in the case orcs and goblins my response is very appropriate.
  • Goblins: Short, bent, live in dark caverns. Hate sunlight. Orcs: Were once elves. Tortured and twisted by Sauron. Crooked, speak the common tongue and Orcish. Hate sunlight. Uruk Hai: A crossbreed of Orcs and Goblin Men. They can stand the sunlight and have great strength, speed and stamina.
  • An goblin is an orc that lives underground or in caves. The uruk-hai are hybrid of goblin and orc.
  • hehe answers to this question always make me chuckle. the true answer is that Orcs and goblins are indeed the same thing, though there are a few variables on the species, i.e. size, etc. the movies depict them as different creatures but they are, in fact, the same. Nomenclature of The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien said that he took the word from Old English word orc which essentially means "hell-demon" It is supposed that Orcs are referred to in The Hobbit as "goblins" because the story was a side note of LOTR, designed for children, and goblins were a familiar creature to children, so something familiar seemed more appropriate. the nature of many aspects of LOTR was clearly changed in the Hobbit to fit that of the audience. Uruk-Hai and goblin-men, however, are somewhat different tho their origins are the same as those of goblins: they are all species of Orcs. the word Uruk (Black Speech variant for the word Orc) and Hai, meaning "folk", therefore Uruk-Hai simply means Orc-folk. Also, Saruman was not the first to cross-breed Uruk, Sauron bred the Black Uruks of Mordor.
  • They ARE all part of the same family, but it is just ignorant to say tigers, lions, and maine coons are all the same because they are all TYPES of cats. Duh. Stupid. They're all related, but they are all different, except you could could argure either way about goblins being the same as regular orcs. In the hobbit, the words are used interchangably, but in other works it is insinuated that they are in fact different. As for uruk-hai, they are larger types of orcs that can be out in the sunlight. Furthermore, Saruman's Orcs are said to be a cross between orcs and goblin-men (indicated a crossbreed in existance previously) that are taller and have longer limbs than the black Uruk-hai from Mordor, which are a mix between regular orcs (called snaga by Uruk-hai) and regular men. Geez, people, know SOMETHING about what you're talking about before you spew out a bunch of BS like y'all did! Except for you, unPfhorgiven, yours was basically right. Have you guys ever thought about actually reading some of the other books besides LOTR? Then you might not have to pretend not to be ignorant anymore. Just a suggestion.
  • I don't know it 100% but Goblins are a lesser kind of orc who dwell in caves. They can see in total darkness and can scale walls, that is how they survive in their caves. Orcs are you basic warriors, there are tougher kinds of orcs however, for example Morranon orcs are all about 5 ft 11 whereas normal Mordor or Isengard orcs are a lot smaller. Uruk Hai are an advanced breed of orc (possibly by breeding orcs and men). Sauron made them first, his Uruks are the ones in the tower who fight with the orcs over the mithril shirt. Saruman's Uruk Hai are an even more advanced version. All standing about 6 foot tall and they can resist the sun better than anyone else (they can't see as well in the dark though). There is also another kind of Uruk Hai, the Berserkers. They are the ones at the top of the ladders at helms deep. They are a shock troop and they are supposed to just kill as many as fast as possible. They are about 7 foot tall, 300 pounds and use a 5 foot long sword. Before the battle they are given a helmet filled with human blood which sends them on an insane killing frenzy.

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