• He is talking about the smell of death surrounding heavy users of hardcore drugs, probably in both a literal and metaphorical sense. People who use very large amounts of alcohol and hard drugs regularly may not be able to or not care to perform the daily tasks that most of us do, such as keeping oneself clean. Heavy addiction is often associated with poor hygiene, bad breath and pungent body odors, which would account for the literal meaning. At the same time, there is an aura of death surrounding people heavily involved with hardcore use of drugs and alcohol, you can see their day-to-day physical and mental deterioration and you can't help but think that they are killing themselves, that they won't be alive much longer if they continue using those substances at that pace. It's like they are immersed in a cloud of death that is consuming them bit by bit. For more information, look up the lyrics (do a search for "that smell lyrics" using the quotation marks) and you will see what he is getting at. I'd quote them here for you but it might be a copyright violation.
  • hes talking about cocaine addiction. think about it, the lyrics make it pretty obvious.
  • No, I think they are referring to cocaine usage, specifically, shooting up.

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