• It depends on a few things: 1. How deep the scratch is 2. How long the scratch is 3. How much you are willing to pay to fix it 4. What kind of paint you have. I don't want to spend all day on this so I'll give you a brief answer: If the scratch is shallow enough that you can't see metal, then that's good. If the scratch is less than 2 inches long, then it is easier to get out. If you are on a tight budget, I would suggest simply getting a paint brush or applicator from your manufacturer (for a perfect colour match) or from an aftermarket store (for a pretty good, but general colour match). Finally, if you have normal paint (A layer of Clear coat, then a layer of paint, then the body) then it's easy to fix. If you have candy or other specialty paints though (Only if you painted the car after you bought it), it may be impossible to fix unless you repaint the whole car. Hope this helps, Good Luck
  • If the scratches are not that bad you may want to ignore them. Acrylic paints do respond well to being buffed. Use a non abrasive acrylic paint conditioner, It will make the scratches virtually invisible.
  • Yes you can remove them. I use Farecla a specailist rubbing compound for newly painted and blemished paint surfaces, yes including acrylic (2 pack).

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