• Yes, Stacy London does indeed smoke and she most often smokes Camel brand ciggs
  • I don't think Stacy smokes. Look at her teeth!
  • Yes. Watch Our Best Bloopers Segment 20 minutes into the program where she's outdoors with the mosquitos; she's hanging out of a jeep or car with a pair of binoculars.She's wearing a denim jacket and the Camels are in the upper left pocket (on the right side when you're watching). You can only see the upper portion of a Camel cigarette pack. And, all the people who get make overs on her show always comment afterwards how much Stacey smokes. She smokes about two packs a day, but doesn't really consider it two packs since she never really finishes a whole cigarette. Stacey is one of those smokers who lights up a cigarette, and then throws it away after a couple of puffs. The most she'll smoke is about half a cigarette. Although, after she broke up with her fiance, she started smoking even more heavily to help calm her nerves. The irony is that smoking was what first attracted her fiancee to her because it gave her this sexy allure. She had smoked before, but she really picked up the habit when she first started working in the fashion industry. Most of the people in that industry smoke and so she started smoking more to fit in. A cigarette is almost considered an accesorry in that field especially when everybody goes out to the bars to drink. Of course, she's not ignorant of the health risks. And, she's tried to quit before, unsuccesfully. She found that the cigarettes had helped speed up her metabolism and kept her thin. When she tried to quit, she discovered to her horror that her weight balloned up to almost 10 pounds. Of course, this meant she'd have to throw away all her clothes. And, this threatened her career in front of the cameras.
  • I also noticed the cigarrettes in her pocket. I wonder how her fiance liked her for smoking... I don't find smoking sexy at all!
  • Yes she does. Most of the shows participants comment that she smokes alot. (She smokes like 2 packs a day , but she is one of those people who only take a few puffs and then throw it away.) You can also see the package in a few shows.(eg. the Kristen episode when they are shopping you can see them in the front right pocket of her jeans.)
  • I have seen the photos of her at bars and she does smoke and they are Camels.
  • no she does not because she knows people with smoking problems and would not like to be one of them!
  • Stacy can the worst cigar smoker for all I care....I still think she is one of the most beautiful celebrities.
  • I hope so! I think smoking is sexy and adds a certain sophistication to an already beautiful woman!
  • Sooo gross. There is nothing sexy about a woman who smokes. Their breath, hair, and clothing STINKS!
  • i dont believe that stacy smokes, but if she does, i am apauled
  • Sorry....but I am not addicted to ANYTHING. People who feel the need to smoke, use drugs or consume alcohol 'for any reason' are very weak-minded individuals. I don't need to smoke, consume alcohol or drugs in order to relax or feel better. I love life and all that it has to offer... I get high on life. My mindset is strong and I refuse to be a slave to anything or anybody.
  • and if she does.. who cares? Christ.. let the woman live her own life instead of trying to do it for her!
  • She did, but I believe that she quit about half a year ago.
  • According to in an interview given on April 23, 2008 she says she has quit smoking and gained 15 lbs. A small quote from the article: "A dress or a pencil skirt. I've gained about 15 pounds in the last six months, after I quit smoking. I have no idea how to dress myself now. It's a nightmare and I really understand it when women come to me and say they want to get back into their own clothes. I've been every weight, every size possible. But I can't just run out and buy a whole new wardrobe for the show. But I still want to." Hope this helps!
  • My friend said that she saw her over the weekend (6/21/08) in Chicago at Northwestern University - Stacey's sister was graduating from NW apparently. My friend said that she actually saw her smoking at the graduation! YUCK!
  • She quit! She said she did!

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