• The best combination of fighting styles is street fighting, kick boxing, and martiaal arts
  • I agree that the combination of street fighting kickboxing and martial arts is probably the best, but have also found that if you start with martial arts your fighter tends to be faster..... however starting with martial arts can be very difficult for an unexperienced player. I suggest for new players that perhaps starting with streetfighting or even kickboxing is a better option.
  • All the above are martial arts. "Street Fighting" is merely a term used to define "getting into a fight out on the streets". Boxing is a martial art and so is wrestling and whacking someone with a 2X4. Swordmanship is a martial art. Anything that can be used to physically or mentally control another person is a martial art, including mind control. The best martial art to be found is to "not be there in the first place". These are the words of my Sogo Kempo Master. He is correct. The most useful of the so-called standard martial arts on pavement or a hard surface are probably Muy Tai or Tai Kwon Do, depending on one's height and build. Both allow a quick avenue of escape (escape is also a martial art). The best style otherwise is a combination of Judo and Juijitsu, one offering a supreme grappling/throwing/off-balancing game (judo) and the other a nerve attack/joint-lock/killing/striking option (jujitsu). Remember that if you are on the ground grappling will do you little good with someone kicking you in the face with their boot while you attempt to choke someone out using jujitsu. A quick escape is the second-best option. Not being there in the first place is the first.

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