• Like any drug, it is possible to overdose on Viagra. Exceeding the maximum recommended dose of 100 mg leads to a greater intensity and duration of side effects, including facial flushing, difficulty discerning blue from green, headache, dyspepsia (indigestion), and priapism (an erection lasting longer than 4 hours). If Viagra is taken in conjunction with certain other medications, the side effects of a normal or increased dose can be severe and in some cases life-threatening. [Prescribing information for Viagra (sildenafil citrate):]
  • my dad took 1 and a half 100mg viagra and had a massive heart attack and is now in a vegatitive state, not even in his own country, he went to visit his friend in italy and was coming back to england to get married in january. My advice to anyone would be to leave it well alone!!! iv lost my last parent and the best friend anyone could wish for.
  • I'm a 51 diabetic [Daonil] and hypertensive [Vasotec 20] and my girlfriend is 36, I have been taking 100mg for the past 2 yrs. This is on an average of 3 days per week sometimes 4. My only side effect is a little acid reflux that Zantac 150 easily fixes. Viagra is my American Express, I never leave home without it. My only regret is nothing like the 1st three dosages. Absolutely wicked mon!
  • Bwaa haa...if you overdose on Viagra, I'd venture saying that they'll have to custom make a coffin for you with a sunroof
  • Your penis explodes.
  • A 28 year-old Russian man just died after taking a bottle of Viagra to help him get through a 12-hour orgy. He won the bet but died of a heart-attack minutes later. So yes, it is very possible to overdose on Viagra - you should not exceed the doctor recommended dose.
  • As with any drug, yes you have to be careful. Go to where they sell Viagra for great prices and you can read about it.
  • I guess you are going to be arousal all day and drop dead in the end. No seriously, don't mess with Viagra like with any drug. It depends HOW MUCH you overdose I guess. It can be letal.
  • Yes, but believe it or not it's rare yo...
  • You have to have an open casket i know that much.
  • Holy shit! Not only would you turn into a giant Sequoia but you'd also need a special coffin with a big hole in the middle. Of coure, the good news is that the said specifical coffin will come with a built-in handle and whoever is paying for the funeral can save a couple bucks on brass
  • It is fatal, and that is actually the script for the new Die Hard 5 film.
  • Stay away from any female creatures...
  • yes heart attach or an extreme drop in BP, depends on your body
  • wow... great way to die xD
  • Why do you think they call dead guys 'stiffs'?
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  • If you have a hard on for more the 4 hours seek medical attention immediately. Says so right on the commercials.
  • detachable penis

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