• You can buy Kit's to make homemade wine - And I believe there very legal
  • Depends on how small a batch you mean. The home kits Pattijo refers to would probably be the smallest amount you could make with any real quality.
  • The amount of wine you make does not matter,legally. You just can't sell it for profit.
  • Yes, you can even make huge batches of wine in your home, and it's very easy. You'll need to invest in some basic equipment, but after that it's cheap and very easy, nature does most of the work for you. Get hold of some books, or do a bit of research on the internet and decide what kind of wine you want to make, you'll need some kind of fruit, unless you decide to use a wine making kit - but proper homemade wine will work out cheaper, and it will taste nicer but will be stronger. You'll have fun doing it and will get a sense of satisfaction once it's made - it takes a while, so you'll need some patience.
  • I found a very simple wine making recipe on I have not yet made the wine, but it's on my to do list! eHow: How to Make Wine
  • My Italian grandpa made barrels of wine in his basement. God was it potent. Dark, red, wine.
  • Yes, make as much as you want and sell it if your friends like it. Like apple wine? Take just the tiniest pinch of yeast (baking yeast is fine) drop it in a gallon or so of apple juice along with a cup of sugar and then put a balloon on the top of the bottle. The balloon will expand and when it comes back down you'll have wine. You can also just cover it with a cloth. All you're doing is keeping dust and bugs out. Fruit juice ferments all by itself usually, but the tiny pinch of yeast helps speed up the process a hair. You can use nearly any juice with perhaps the exception of citrus and you can even use it if you feel really ambitious and want to produce a sangria. Home made wine tastes a hell of a lot better than commercially produced crap. If you just happen to have your own oak barrels then great, but glass or crockery works too. ;) **Don't try to cork wine until it's done fermenting because it'll blow right off. I had a cork once bust a wooden shelf and destroy an entire cabinet when i corked it to bottle of plain apple juice broke it up. Fermentation is a powerful force. ;) You don';t have to wait till it's entirely fermented if you like champaign. Plain fruit juice with brewers yeast and a cup of sugar will taste great after a few weeks and will get quite a kick and will get that "sparkling" effect after a very short time. in fact, try a sip or two every few days after a week. You'll be surprised. You don't need any sort of "kit" to make wine. Plain juice works all by it's little lonesome. ;)
  • I live right next to a Grape Vineyard, I used to make my own wine all the time. I havent done it in a couple years.
  • Until 1978, it was illegal to home-brew liquour or beer—and the rules on wine-making were somewhat ambiguous.* But a growing number of oenophiles and beer connoisseurs wanted to make their own, and they helped pressure Congress to decriminalize home-brews across the country. Today, federal rules say a household with two adults can brew up to 200 gallons of wine and the same amount of beer each year. (A few states have their own laws prohibiting the practice.) The 1978 law didn't legalize moonshining, though; you still can't brew spirits for private consumption. It is kosher, however, to own a still and process alcohol—but only if you're using the alcohol as fuel and you have a permit from the ATF. (In some states, you can purchase a legal version of moonshine from commercial distillers.)
  • Yes, and the special equipment is for perfectionists. Just Google it.

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