• After -- in hospital
    You will have a sanitary pad in place.
    The drugs given for a general anaesthetic will make you clumsy, slow and forgetful for about 24 hours. The nurses will help you with everything you need until you can do things for yourself. Do not make any important decisions, do not drive, do not use machinery at work or at home, do not even boil a kettle during this time.
    Any pain will usually settle quickly after you have been to the operating theatre. But you may be left with some tummy discomfort. Take the painkillers you would normally use for painful periods. Although rare, you may need injections of painkillers to control the pain.
    For about a week or two you will experience slight bleeding similar to the kind you get at end of a period. You should only use external pads for any loss. Do not use tampons.
    You can start taking the contraceptive pill the day after the operation, even if you are bleeding.
    You can bathe or shower as often as you wish. The nurses will advise about sick notes, certificates, etc.
    Even though the ablation will most likely affect your ability to stay pregnant there is still a very small possibility that you can get pregnant within a few weeks of the procedure and you should use appropriate contraception if you do not want to conceive. You can resume sex three weeks after the procedure, as long as you are not experiencing any bleeding or discharge."
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    I think it would be a good idea for her to abstain from having intercourse and experiencing orgasm in that time.

    If she is not sure, she should ask her physician.
  • Why don't you just ask her doctor? Or she can ask her doctor.

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