• A jackalope is a rabbit with antlers. It kind of looks like a deer that has been crossed with a rabbit.
  • The real reason that this creature exist is because of hunters taking game out of season for instance when it is rabbit season hunters take their dogs out to hunt rabbits but sometimes the dogs would scare up a deer or antelope and the hunter would kill it even though it was not the season for deer or antelope and later around the camp fire when the hunter who killed the deer is confronted by the other hunters about his kill he would jokingly say HEY THAT RABBIT HAD ANTLERS or I THOUGHT IT WAS A RABBIT ! it is only a joke just think , how could a rabbit and a deer mate with each other even if it's a really big rabbit and a really small deer and why would they want to any way ?
  • It's a jackrabbit (big one) running through the forest - picks up a tree limb that looks like anatlers - seen by a ?human? that had one too many Margaritas!
  • i can't remember what his name was, but there was a comedian on a t-v show called real people,(he also played a character named Joey on full house), that created the "jackalope"skit for the show, as for the fella that gave us the "history" lesson on the jackalope, you're full of jackalope dung
  • I just thought I'd mention that yes, a Jackalope is indeed a rabbit with antlers. It's a mythical creature so, I wouldn't go on any jackalop-hunting expeditions. Really awesome taxidermists can and often do 'create' jackalopes by putting the antlers from a smaller deer ( usually a 4-point) onto the mount of a rabbit's head.. A good taxidermist makes it really realistic! You can buy these mounts from any Cabela's catolog. (
  • a Jackalope is a rabbit with a disease (i can't remeber the presice scientific word) that makes "horns" grow out of its face. But basically they do exist :)
  • I don't know, but them's mighty fine eatin'!....;-D..
  • jackalope is a stuffed hare that a hunter took a pair of deer antlers and put it on the hare's head.

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