• I think you mean "statute of limitation," and the answer is yes, each state sets its own laws regarding the time to file lawsuits regarding particular types of claims, including claims for money owed on an open account or through written or oral contracts. You don't say what state you're in, so you'll need to look up this info on your own or contact a law library and ask where you might be able to find it.
  • this is a national direct student loan,is there a status of limitations for that Milwaukee,Wisconsin.
  • Bankrate has a table of state statutes of limitations for four categories of debt: written contracts, oral contracts, promissory notes and open-end credit. The statutes of limitations listed range from as few as three years to as many as 15 years.
  • not that i know of but that dont mean there aint
  • No. I know a couple of guys with baseball bats who can collect. For a fee.

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