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  • why you indulged in sex baby so early in the morning when its the time to have hot tea beside the bed?
  • First off, it's really irresponsible to have sex without protection, not just because of the possibility of pregnancy but also because of the possibility of disease transfer. If he didn't have the rubber you shouldn't have done the hubba hubba. Anyway, precome, while not containing sperm cells itself, can sometimes flush out sperm cells already present in the urethra from prior masturbation, so there is a possibility that you may have exposed yourself to pregnancy. If I were you, I would take the morning after pill to make sure you're safe. For more information, see this wikipedia article. I'm not sure whether it'll be easier to understand than what I just wrote, or not.
  • WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? The deal with Pre-cum is that there CAN BE LIVE SPERM in it that CAN get you pregnant. The BIGGER DEAL is you can survive Pregnancy, despite the possible INCONVENIENCE IT MIGHT CAUSE YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.. HERPES IS ALSO AN INCONVENIENCE YOU ARE TAMPERING WITH TODAY...because of your lack of consideration for YOURSELF. HIV...which eventually becomes AIDS and WILL KILL YOU is ALSO a little problem you MAY NOW FACE. HIV can live dormant (which means inactive as in YOU DON'T KNOW YOU HAVE IT) for as many as 10 YEARS in the human for the next 10 years...IF your boyfriend has had sex with ANYONE AT ALL but you, or you suspect he MAY HAVE had sex with anyone but you...YOU would be smart to go to a public clinic and GET AN AIDS TEST every single year. You go every year so that IF you have now caught can catch it as soon as possible so that you can start taking medications as soon as possible to try and live as long as you can in as good of health as you can hope to have. IS ALL OF THIS CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU? The two of you screwed up royally...and unless you finished each other up with a hand job...neither of you even got to have an orgasm! YOU DO NOT HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX IN THIS DAY AND AGE. YOU SIMPLY DO NOT DO IT!!!! Herpes is freaking hurts...HIV will eventually KILL YOU..having a child when you are so young and evidently irresponsible in caring for just foolish, expensive, and can be emotionally draining. Getting an abortion can also suck rocks...depending on your personal feelings about having one...abortions are not supposed to be the CHOSEN method of birth control...that's just piss poor morals! Am I coming down too hard on you....GOOD..I mean to. If this stupid boy will not even wear a condom to protect YOU, a many other girls has he boinked without bothering to put one on...what has he CAUGHT that he doesn't care enough about you to protect YOU from? DUMP THIS LOOSER and promise yourself that you WILL NOT EVER TAKE SUCH A RISK AGAIN.... YOU DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER THAN is supposed to be a good feeling, ideally loving act between two consenting adults...granted you are young, but I was 16 too when I made the decision to have sex with my boyfriend...BUT WE ALWAYS USED CONDOMS...EVERY SINGLE TIME...and even at 20...he too was a virgin...and AIDS didn't even exist when we started having sex. Pre-cum is the LEAST AND LITTLEST OF THINGS YOU NOW HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT. Morning after pill...need to see a doctor for that prescription...and then make an appointment for your first of many AIDS tests. (your idiot boyfriend should also be tested for VD along with you...if he has something...then you know you may get it too.) PLEASE DON'T PLAY GAMES WITH YOUR LIFE!
  • you are going to have to wait 3 months before you can find out if you have contracted an std like HIV or syphallis. However, i have some comforting words for you.... (although, it must be noted, i'm only saying this because everyone else has already told you everything else i was gonna say) the first tme i had sex, we used a condom, but when he pulled out, we discovered the condom had pushed itself into my vagina. being a clumsy chick, i accidenty squeezed some of the semem out of the condom while i was retrievng it. *My point*: even if you had used a condom, you might have still gotton some sperm on the outside of your vagina, and it is still enough to infect you or get you pregnant. precum has the same amount of sperm in it as is clear.tastes could get on his finger before her even puts the condom on his dick.then if he touches you to feel if you're wet, he can transer the sperm to your vagina. it's very risky buiness. i wish you the best of luck, sweetie.
  • Meh, we all do it when we're young. The judgemental morons who posted are all hypocrits, trust me. Just remember to use protection in the future. There is sperm in pre-cum sometimes, but it's a very small amount - I shouldn't worry too much. But you should still use protection, because that very small amount is all it takes at certain times of the month! Also you don't know if he has HIV, Herpes, Aids etc etc. We live, and we learn. I hope the worry you were going through has helped you grow a litte bit and made you that little bit wiser :)
  • You guys are fucking idiots. Just because they had sex doesn't mean they have aids you fucking clowns. Everyone bitches and moans about STDs these days, all the while forgetting to tell the kids that you actually have to HAVE THE FUCKING DISEASE before you can spread it. Fucking fear mongers. Unless he was jacking it within a couple hours prior to you guys having sex, there's no reason to worry. Sperm doesn't survive in the urethra, it dries up and dies. So unless he was beatin it, and then 20 minutes later you guys fucked, you're almost surely not pregnant. Just go buy a fucking pregnancy test. Stupid ass kids these days, goddamn.

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